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    Jinan Hanon Instruments Co., Ltd is a manufacturer of analytical instruments and solutions, which commits to food safety and nutrition as well as drug quality supervision. Hanon production technology and quality inspection passed strict ISO standard management and control, CE certificate, ensuring super quality of Hanon instrument.
    Hanon headquarter

    Hanon factory
    Hanon owns integrated management center, R&D center and production base respectively in Jinan and Shanghai. She created innovative “4S model” (Sale, Spare part, Service and Survey) within analytical instruments field, providing service to our clients. At present, four 4S subsidiaries operate successfully in Beijing, Guangzhou, Nanjing and Chengdu. Furthermore, planned five new 4S subsidiaries are setting up. At the same time Hanon owns 17 offices, efforts to build 7×10 service response system in China, makes more professional services around with you.
    R&D investment accounts for 10% of sales amount each year, R&D people up to 25% of total staff. Our Kjeldahl system has been the most advanced product and our physics optics products take the leading position in china.

    Hanon Subsidiary
    In 2012 Hanon will introduce innovative OO customer interaction platform, which is the first real-time online network service platform. The platform will open to the global experimental workers, taking service as base, treating technology as link, regarding sharing as strength, aims to promote the development of scientific instruments together.