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    Hanon Instruments Acquire G.A.S

    Hanon Instruments Co.,Ltd finish the acquisition of G.A.S(Gesellschaft für analytische Sensorsysteme mbH) on 6th July. Till now, Hanon Instruments Group operate 4 brand in the market. "Hanon Instruments" focus on analytical instruments."SINEO" focus on microwave chemistry,"LeadTech" focus on laboratory equipment and "G.A.S" focus on GC-IMS.

    G.A.S. is an instrument manufacturing high-tech company founded in 1997 coupling gas chromatography to ion mobility (GC-IMS) to measure traces of volatile organic compounds (VOC) in air, human breath and the headspace of liquid and solids. G.A.S. comprises of an interdisciplinary team that develops, manufactures and adapts its GC-IMS platform according to the analytical questions of its customers.These tailor-made solutions address different business fields in the food quality control, environmental and human breath analysis. Several blue chip customers like airbus DS, SABMiller Inc., Barilla, SYMIRISE AG etc. trust in the products.

    This strategic cooperation will enhance the comprehensive competitiveness of both sides. And Hanon Instruments will always support the reliable and high quality products & service to our customer all over the world.

    Hanon Instrumentshttp://www.hanonlab.com/


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