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    Big market for microwave-Sineo attend Russian’s biggest seminar for lab users

    Sineo attended THE 20th JUBILEE SEMINAR of SHIMADZU and ANALIT - «Analytical and testing equipment of SHIMADZU and other producers: methodological approaches, applications, new products» in Saint-Petersburg,18-20th of October, 2016. More than 600 lab users participated in the Russian’sbiggest seminar. Sineo MDS-15 High-throughput Microwave Sample Preparation Workstation was exhibited in the show room and Dr. Qili TANG gave a talk on «Advanced Technologies of Sineo Microwave Digestion System» at the second day

    Analit Products Ltd. is the exclusive distributor of SHIMADZU, which provides various perfect products of ICP-AES, AAS, etal. Sineo has worked with Analit for more than 9 years to add our pretreatment workstations in their product line. Analit’s lab used to have other brand of microwaves, and now the girls like Sineo’s most as our MDS-15 is more user friendly, lower cost in consumables, also better performance for high temperature samples. Sineo is proud that we get high evaluation and we also gained a lot of customer interests during the 3-day show.

    Sineo has been in the industry for more than 20 years, we are striving for perfection and makes breakthrough in technology, process and materials. Now Sineo becomes more accepted as a main supplier for microwave pretreatment workstations and microwave chemistry research workstations. Sineo microwave, we do better!

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