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    • K1160 Automatic Kjeldahl Protein/ Nitrogen Analyzer

      K1160 Automatic Kjeldahl Protein/Nitrogen Analyzer is unique in its intelligence, efficiency, energy saving and data sharing, bringing more new experiences to users. The product can be widely used in the fields of food processing

    • MP490 Melting Point Apparatus

      Hanon MP490 Automatic Melting Point Apparatus perfectly integrate video technology into melting point measuring.

    • SPE100/SPE400 Automatic SPE

      Hanon SPE100/SPE400 with mobile rack is designed specially for modern laboratory.

    • Auto SPE

      Hanon Auto SPE makes every step of solid phase extraction integrated on one platform, which can realize operation of the whole extraction process (activation, sampling, rinsing, drying, elution), and largely improved the efficien

    • OS270 Cooking Oil Tester

      OS270 Cooking Oil Tester is especially suitable for quality supervision, refectory, fast-food restaurants, food manufacturers, bakeries and so on.

    • HN200 Sample Concentrator

      Product Introduction: HN200 Sample Concentrator is mainly used in the concentration of samples in batches, such as drug screening, hormone analysis, liquid/gas phase, as well as mass spectrum analysis.