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    The stand alone plug-and-play IMS as OEM module enables a versatile use or coupling of the IMS-technology in new fields.

    Besides the price advantage compared to fully equipped instruments, this stand-alone module allows to configure a customized system including IMS technology. G.A.S.' OEM module can be coupled to any GC systems or alternatively a membrane inlet system, thermo desorption unit, SPME or needle trap can be used. Samples are ionized by using a tritium  source with an intensity below the excemption limits of the EU directive 29/96 EURATOM. Power input is 24 V DC and digital USB 2.0 high speed digital interface is used for output. Introduction of the sample is realized by using a 1/16“ sample line. The device can be heated up to 100 °C and has provide resolution of ~ 100. Parameters of the IMS module are controlled by an external software made by G.A.S..

    Advantages  are:

    1. Sensitive: Detection limits in the low ppbv (µg/m3) range for VOCs with heteroatoms like ketones, aldehyds, alcohols, amins or halogenated compounds.
    2. Selective due to specific analyte ion drift times
    3. Flexible: Generates positive and negative ions
    4. No licence for H3 source required according to EU directive 29/96 EURATOM
    5. High reproducibility < 3 % for peak intensity and < 1 % for drift times 

    6.  Operation with nitrogen or synthetic air

    7. Works at ambient pressure
    8. Compact
    9. Free from maintenance
    10. Stand alone data aquisition software and software suite for 3D GC-IMS data analysis

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