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    K2025 High Performance Liquid Chromatography


    Strengthen the concept of reliability design, adopt global high-quality core components, and pass the reliability verification of the authority to ensure the long-term stable operation of the system.


    The unique pumping liquid technology and sample injection technology, combined with high sensitivity detector and powerful data processing software, ensure the precision and accuracy of the analysis results.


    The simple and easy-to-use Wookinglab interface, combined with a number of human-oriented details, makes the operation of the instrument more convenient and efficient.


    Wookinglab adopts database storage mode, supports multi-level authority management, has perfect audit tracking function, and fully meets the requirements of FDA21 CFR Part11.

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    K2025P2 Binary High-pressure Gradient Pump

    Technical parameters:


    Precise liquid delivery to ensure excellent reproducibility of retention time

    The precision reciprocating plunger series delivery pump cooperates with the pressure dynamic suppression algorithm, which makes the flow output more stable, ensures the precise gradient, makes the retention time precise, and the retention time repeatability is less than 0.2%.


    Selection of ultra-wear-resistant material

    The cam is made of high hardness alloy steel. With high frequency heat treatment, the surface hardness is over 55HRC, more wear-resistant and longer service life!

    Reliability design of transmission mechanism

    The piston guide mechanism adopts the self-lubricating wear-resistant device imported from Germany. The special self-lubricating material is combined with the inner wall rifling design. It does not need lubricating grease and maintenance free. It can prevent the piston from accidentally locking and the transmission is more reliable!

    Long-life design of power system

    High power customized motor is adopted, and NSK Japan bearing is used inside the motor, combined with one-to-one independent air duct design, power and life are better!

    Floating design of plunger

    The floating plunger design adapts to the working condition of the pump head assembly, facilitates disassembly and assembly and effectively prevents the eccentric wear of the sealing ring. Combined with the special sealing ring structure and the plunger automatic cleaning, the sealing ring is more durable!


    Intelligent solvent replacement and evacuation to improve work efficiency

    Equipped with a 4-channel solvent selection valve, according to the method and sequence used in the mobile phase, to achieve automatic switching.

    The automatic emptying of a specific channel can be carried out in a single press, and 5min later, the evacuation will stop automatically to prevent the mobile phase from going empty. The utility model has the advantages of more options for emptying the infusion pump and more convenient operation.

    K2025AS Autosampler

    Technical parameters:


    Precise injection volume

    The K2025AS autosampler adopts unique all-in-one constant pressure sampling needle and ultra-precision injection pump to ensure accurate injection volume and excellent injection linearity, thus making the quantitative results more accurate.

    Ultra-low cross-contamination to protect the analysis results from interference


    Unique design of sampling needle

    The patented integrated constant pressure sampling needle ensures the balance of air pressure inside and outside the sample bottle when sampling; the side wall is arranged with sample inlet to effectively prevent the bottle pad debris from blocking the pinhole during the puncture process!

    Degassing design of needle washing liquid

    Built-in needle washing liquid degassing module, needle washing liquid can be used without ultrasonic degassing, to avoid quantitative interference caused by bubbles!

    Reliability design of mechanical arm

    The sampling manipulator is designed with precision ball monorail, which can effectively prevent the mechanism from locking during operation. Combined with the closed-loop control and out of step protection algorithm of the motor, the operation is more stable!

    Self-compensation design of injection pump

    It adopts maintenance free self-lubricating guide device and self-compensating sliding screw rod to make real-time compensation for minor wear and tear, with excellent motion accuracy and more durable skin!


    K2025CO Column Oven

    Technical parameters:


    Precise temperature control to ensure better reproducibility

    The fuzzy PID intelligent temperature control algorithm, double 3D thermal cycle and multiple insulation layer design are adopted to make the column temperature more accurate, stable and uniform, so that the temperature accuracy can reach ±0.1C, ensure that the temperature of each separation is constant and consistent, and protect the peak time from the interference of external temperature.


    Triple security protection, more secure use

    Real time leakage protection, intelligent monitoring of Peltier and cavity temperature, over-temperature power-off protection, three kinds of safety protection design, effectively prevent the risk of accidental leakage and over temperature.

    K2025UVD UV-Vis Detector

    Technical parameters:


    Ultra-low limit of detection

    High-throughput optical path design, reference deduction algorithm, ultra-precision signal acquisition circuit ensure the ultra-high sensitivity of the detector, so that the minimum limit of detection is less than 4 × 10-9g/mL

    Sample: 1.0 × 10 -7g/mL naphthalene / methanol standard solution

    Column: C18,4.6×250mm, 5 μ m

    Mobile phase: 95% methanol -5% water premixing

    Flow rate: 1.0mL/min

    Injection volume: 20μL

    Wavelength: 254nm

    Ultra-wide linear range

    The patented optical system design realizes ultra-wide linearity of more than 2.5AU.


    Transmission deuterium light path design, no need to change the light movement mechanism, light source switching more reliable!

    The optical unit adopts sealed structure, and the internal optical devices are free from the influence of environment humidity and dust. At the same time, the higher quality deuterium lamp, grating and other optical devices are used, making it more durable!


    Spectral scanning

    The compound can be scanned by full-band optical spectrum, and the best detection wavelength of the compound can be easily found.

    Wavelength time program

    According to the maximum absorption wavelength of different compounds, the wavelength can be switched in different time periods to improve the accuracy of the analysis results.

    Maintenance and safety

    Wookinglab Chromatographic Workstation


    Simple and easy to use

    On the left side of the workstation interface is the navigation area, which can quickly find the functional modules such as project management, spectrum acquisition, integration processing, etc.; on the top of the acquisition interface is the common functional area, which can realize the editing and operation of methods and sequences without multi-level menus; on the right side of the acquisition interface is the status monitoring area, which dynamically displays the real-time status of the instrument.

    Common functional area

    Humanized design

    The workstation has built-in standard methods, which can be retrieved and called directly; the workstation can carry out intelligent diagnosis and maintenance of the instrument.


    Powerful data processing capability

    The integration module has up to 25 kinds of integration events and 3 kinds of quantitative calculation methods (external standard method, internal standard method and normalization method), so as to better complete the data processing of various complex chromatogram.


    Database storage

    The workstation adopts SQLite database storage mode instead of traditional file storage mode. It encrypts the database and cannot delete or tamper with the data. It has the function of complete backup and restore to fully ensure the integrity, authenticity and security of the data.

    Multi-level permission management

    The default permission management is level 3, which can be flexibly increased or decreased according to the needs.

    Audit trail

    The workstation automatically records all the user's operations, which cannot be deleted or modified for traceability.

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