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    Drug Stability Test Chamber

    Performance description

    Microprocessor fuzzy PID control, programmable multi-segment parameter setting: 30 segments 99 cycles design.

    Operation system based on WINDOWS CE system with large-capacity memory and High frequency CPU.

    C.H.heating system: improve the use of excess heat to reduce heating time.

    Circulation type humidification system can save water.

    Frequency conversion refrigeration system, rapid recovery of temperature and humidity after opening the door.

    USB interface and RS485 interface are standard configuration.

    Optional: printer (can print into curve), GPRS SMS Alarm, computer monitoring.

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    • Drug Stability Test Chamber finds its use in the pharmaceutical industry, medicine, biotechnology, food industry, electronics and all related fields including life sciences. By using a scientific method, it creates a long-time stable temperature, humidity  conditions required for evaluation of drug failure. As the optimal choice for pharmaceutical companies to test drug stability, it is suitable for the accelerated tests, long-term experiments, high-temperature tests of drugs and new drugs in pharmaceutical companies.

    User friendly

    LCD touch screen, 5.6 inch TFT16-bit true color display.

    Touch operation makes the experiment operation easier.

    Easy upgrade system, USB access directly update system program.

    Data storage function, can save 250000 data records.

    Instrument temperature and humidity records (last 1600) or curve (last 6.5 hours); can be viewed in real time.

    USB direct export of memory data and instrumentation event records (including boot, shutdown, menu parameters settings, fault alarm, and with the exact time).

    Glass observation inner door design.


    Automatic fault detection and display.

    Protection function: leakage protection, over temperature limit alarm and shutdown protection, door open alarm, water shortage alarm, sensor fault alarm.

    Screen saver password lock function to prevent arbitrary operation.

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