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    Continuous operation with nitrogen of highest grade generated from enriched ambient air

    When testing for volatiles at ppb or even sub ppb-level it is of outmost importance to run the detectors like ion mobility spectrometers with an operating gas of highest purity in order to avoid backround contamination and by that assure best performance of the instrumentation. The N2-Generator of G.A.S. was particularly developed for the autonomous, mobile and by that flexible use of analytical devices where zero air is no option e.g. testing of flammable gases. Using the N2-Generator makes cylinder management redundant and allows analyzers to be operated continuously (24/7) with nitrogen of highest grade (5.0) generated from enriched ambient air.

    The N2-Generator has a compact design of 19” housing including the integrated customized compressor. An on-/off menu same a standard connectors enable a convenient/'plug-and-play' coupling of the machine to any device.

    The applied pressure-swing technology enables auto-regeneration of the O2-retarding filters while the integrated molecular sieves assure that ambient air of even elevated humidity can be handled. Thus exchange of filters (depending on concentrations of impurities, chemical compounds and humidity) are typically in the range of beyond 6 month.

    By this the N2-Generator is an ideal and complementary tool for any G.A.S. instrumentation that merges convenience with value for money.

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