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    K9860 Kjeldahl Analyzer


    1. High accuracy dozing and working: adopt 4 KNF pumps work for dozing, measurement liquid volume.

    2. Easy Maintenance: Pre-install functions of cleaning, include receiving cup cleaning, alkali pipeline cleaning, boric acid pipeline cleaning, acid washing, steam bottle evacuation. support customer make the routine maintenance easily.

    3. High titration accuracy, up to 2.0μL/step.

    4. Integrated printer on the instruments

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    1. Automatic cleaning ensure operator safety and save time.
    2. External titration cup design gives operator real-time control of the whole test process.
    3. Steam flow is controllable, satisfying different test requirements.
    4. Regent barrel enjoys fluid absence warning function, ensuring smooth test going.
    5. High-precision charging pump and titration ensure test results accuracy.
    6. The temperature of distilled liquid is detected real time. If the temperature of distilled liquid is abnormal, to ensure the accuracy of experiment’s result, instrument will stop working.

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