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    K9840 Kjeldahl Distillation Unit


    1.Adding solutions automatically: automatic adding NaOH solution, acid solution, distillation water.
    2.High efficiency with low cost: provide automatic function with economic solution.
    3.Energy saving: low power capacity, saving cost and energy.

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    K9840 Auto Distiller adopts globally accepted Kjeldahl nitrogen determination method to determine nitrogen content of sample.  All intelligent software design makes the sample distillation complete within minutes. The distillation and condensation automatic cleaning system makes the measurement precision further improved.
    It is widely used in food processing, feed production, tobacco, livestock, soil fertility, environmental monitoring, medicine, agriculture, scientific research, teaching, quality control and other fields for the test of nitrogen or protein content, can also be used for the test of ammonium, volatile fatty acid/alkali, and so on.


    ● Display: 4.3" LCD screen
    ● Manual/automatic mode fee changeover
    ● Automatic alkali liquid quantification and filling
    ● Automatic boric solution quantification and filling
    ● Automatic or manual filling mode is optional according to test need
    ● Distillation time can be set freely, and automatic alarming upon completion
    ● Automatic cleaning of control system and distiller, ensuring high measurement accuracy
    ● Perfect safety protection system gives distiller and tubes measurement and protection against    over-temperature and over-pressure
    ● Intelligent design of nitrogen tube peripheral facilities include safety designs and                    displacement hint
    ● Intelligent cooling water control system achieves cooling water control and test
    ● Emergency stop operation is able to deal with unexpected accidents
    ● Automatic fault detection and intelligent audible and visual alarm system are available

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