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    SH420F Kjeldahl Digestion ststem


    • 1.Anti-corrosion design: TEFLON coating on the surface, acid/alkali proof.
      2.Heating uniform and fast: Adopt graphite block(antioxidant), heating faster and energy transfer faster, temperature between holes more uniform.
      3.Safety protection: adopt unique air duct insulation tech, keep the temperature ultra low, protect operator

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    Hanon SH420F Kjeldahl Digestion ststem adopts globally advanced high-temperature infrared t radiation heating technology and microprocessor control platform, boasts accurate temperature control and quick temperature rise. It has two kinds of temperature rise mode: linear and curve temperature rise mode, and offers 20 digestion programs for control of temperature rise curves.

    Hanon neutralization system has many functions such as triple filtration, condensate recovery of exhaust gas, filtration and neutralization device. The product adopts high-quality Anticorrosive Pumps, low noise, strong suction, reduce exhaust emissions,eco-friendly.


    • ·20 positions, enhance working efficiency rapidly.
    • ·Graphite block have longer life after special anti-oxidation processing and heating more uniform.
    • ·It adopt advanced insulation technology, eco-friendly, reduce energy intensity maximum limitedly.
    • ·Corrosion-resistant design.
    • ·It adopt advanced PID temperature control technology, high accuracy heating up to 400℃ only cost 25minutes.
    • ·Temperature control model: Program control, curve and linear temperature rise.
    • ·Multi-protection, Over-current protection, high temperature warning, overload protection.
    • ·It adopts 5.7” color screen, easy for use.
    • ·Standard configuration with waste gas collection hood.

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