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    Kjeldahl DIN ISO Methods

    Nitrogen Content of DIN/ISO Method
    Nitrogen content of Agricultural food products ISO 1871
    Ammonium sulphate for industrial use ISO 3332
    Milk DIN 8968-1
    Determination of non-protein-nitrogen content (NPN) ISO 8968-4
    Meat and Meat products ISO 937
    Starches & derived products ISO 3188
    Water quality, Kjeldahl Nitrogen ISO 5663/DIN 38409H11
    Water quality, ammonium ISO 5664
    Water quality, ammonium, Potentiometric method ISO 6778
    Determination of ammonia-nitrogen in water, waste water and sludge DIN 38406-E5-2
    Animal feeding stuffs - Determination of nitrogen content and calculation of crude protein content ISO 5983-2
    Rubbers Rubber, raw natural and rubber latex, natural – Determinationnitrogen content ISO 1656 (1996 E)

    Non-Kjeldahl applications

    Parameter Method number
    COD in water DIN 38409
    TVB-N in fish EC 95/149
    Phenol determination in sludge and beer ISO 6439: DIN 38409-H16-3
    Alcohol determination in wine, sprits EEC 2676/2870