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    Recirculating Chiller FC1200


    • Cooling system adopt TECUMSEH compressor in order to ensure cooling efficiency, and reduce noise.
    • PID temperature controlling technology is adopted. Cooling method is not the traditional stat-stop type, EEV technology improve the stability.
    • Over-temperature protection and auto-alarm function is used in refrigeration control system to avoid damage temperature medium caused by abnormal liquid temperature value.
    • Water level observation window and automatic water level detection device, automatic alarm when low liquid level.
    • Water current detection device is adopted. When external cycle closed or blocked, internal cycle will be switched automatically.
    • High performance circulating water pump guarantee the long time continuous running, and good sealing avoid leakage. The pressure of pump is 0-1.5 par, adjustment is available by rotary knob. Pressure value is displayed.
    • Color LCD screen display more running data and dynamic identifier. Easy to monitor

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